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BuildTech Asia Digital Series 2021: “Driving Sustainability through Digital Construction Practice

8 July 2021

On the 8 July, Association of Women in Construction Singapore (AWICS) co-hosted a panel discussion together with the Singapore Institute of Building Limited (SIBL) on the importance of achieving sustainability through construction practices across the value chain. The session opened with a welcome address from AWICS President Er. Emily Tan and was closed by SIBL’s President, Dr. Sussie Ketit.

Keynote speaker Mr. Lau Shih Hor, Chairman of the SMART Nation Chapter chaired a very lively discussion together with a panel of three prolific industry representatives from the Built Environment sector. The keynote provided insights into the Singapore Green Plan’s decade- long roadmap in charting the nation’s sustainability goals.Singapore’s built environment sector has an impressive targetto achieve in obtaining 80% efficiency in these three areas: greeningour buildings, developing new building with super low energy and energy-efficiency improvements for best-in- class green buildings.

The panel sessionwas moderated by Ms. VanessaTang, ACEPLP and consisted of two otherindustry veterans namely Ms Farizand’Avezac de Moran, Senior Partnerat Green A Consultants, Ar. Theodore Chan from CIAP Architects. Echoingthe importance of the nationalsustainability movement, the speakers covereda wide range of topicsincluding the importance of business transformation by keeping the digital parallelin mind whilst remaining relevantand competitive in today’s challenging environment. Social responsibility and the need for businesses to take heed beyond just the bottom line was also covered. The significance of building design and parallels drawn towards achieving a lower carbon emission and more green buildings are important as part of Singapore’s climatechange migration strategy.

The advent of digitalisation within the built environment sector is integrated with sustainability practices. Businesses need to understand and adapt to increased automation and incoming new technologies to their own business models in order to remain competitive. Mr Lau added that as companies embrace AI and automation, it is inevitable that redundancies will occur in place of new jobs creation.

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