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Membership Forms

Please email us the signed form at:

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For working professionals who are in or related to any sector of the Built Environment industry.

S$50 / year


For secondary and tertiary school students interested to know about, or pursue a career in the Built Environment Industry.  

only S$20 / year

show us proof of student documentation (eg. student card / educational transcript / acceptance letter)

Member Benefits:

1. Industry Networking

  • Connect with a diverse network of professionals in the Built Environment industry

  • Access Exclusive Networking Events, Industry Forums, and Online Communities

2. Professional Development

  • Attend skill-building workshops, seminars, and training programs tailored to your needs.

  • Gain new knowledge, enhance your expertise, and stay ahead in the industry.

  • Acquire certifications and credentials that boost your career prospects.

3. Mentoring Opportunities

  • Be paired with experienced mentors who provide guidance, support, and valuable insights.

  • Navigate your career path with confidence and achieve your professional goals.

  • Benefit from a structured mentoring program tailored to women in construction.

4. Industry Insights and Updates

  • Stay informed about the latest industry trends, regulations, and advancements.

  • Receive newsletters, publications, and online resources exclusive to members

  • Access a wealth of information to enhance your industry knowledge.

5. Leadership Opportunities

  • Contribute to the organisation's direction by serving on committees and task forces.

  • Gain valuable leadership experience and shape the future of women in construction.

  • Be a voice for change and advocate for gender equality and representation.

6. Exclusive Discounts and Benefits

  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on events, workshops, and industry conferences.

  • Access special offers from industry partners and service providers.

  • Save money while expanding your professional horizons.

7. Newsletter Access

  • Members-Only exclusive access to our quarterly newsletter

  • Have a chance to be featured in it!

8. Exclusive Access to Member-Only Events

  • Conferences, Workshops, Networking Dinners

  • Provide unique experiences, such as site visits to innovative projects or behind-the-scenes access to construction sites.

9. Claim PDU Points from PEB!

More information:

Please email us at:

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For companies and organisations in or related to any sector of the Built Environment industry.

S$1000 / year

Additional Corporate Benefits:

1. Recognition and Professional Representation

  • Be recognised for your contribution and support for female professionals in the BE industry

2. Industry Networking

  • Access to extensive network opportunity to learn and showcase your expertise, skills and Innovative solutions for BE

3. Professional Development

  • Enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills to add more value to the business and communities that you serve

4. Member Directory 

  • Connect like-minded people in various sectors of the BE industry


5. Corporate Member Privileges:

  • Preferential rate to our paid events and professional development programmes

  • Reservation of seats for two staff members to attend AWiCS events


Please email us at:

Alternatively, your company could support us in other ways.

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