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The Association of Women in Construction (Singapore) was officially registered on May 27th, 2019, with the guidance and support of our international affiliate, the National Association of Women in Construction Australia. Our humble beginning took place at the 7th BuildTech Asia event, where ladies from various sectors and countries gathered to discuss how we can support and sustain women's participation and development in an industry traditionally perceived as "not for women".

Under the leadership of the conference Organising Chairman Er. Emily Tan, a working group volunteered to set up AWiCS (Singapore), to grow and empower women professionals, inspire young adults, and create valuable connections.


To be a catalyst for change, to drive forward a new era of female representation and leadership within the built environment industry. We aim to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and build bridges for greater inclusivity and equality. We want to establish a community to connect, champion, and support one another to flourish and achieve our fullest potential. 


To empower women within the built environment industry by offering mentorship, networking, and educational opportunities that serves as a catalyst for their personal and professional growth. We strive to create an environment where women can connect, learn from each other's experiences, and access invaluable opportunities for advancement to thrive and excel.


Founded in 2019, our growing community of women in the built environment industry are committed to providing a collaborative and motivating culture to support one another to thrive and excel.


We offer mentorship, networking, and knowledge development to women in the built environment industry, who aspires to excel and thrive in their careers. Our goal is to connect, inspire, and champion women to flourish and achieve their goals.



Empowering women to activate their potential and aspirations by providing the resources and opportunities to excel in their careers. 


Connecting a community of women to support one another, creating opportunities for professional development and career advancement.


Sustaining a collaborative and motivating culture where women are inspired and confident to overcome challenges, grow, and flourish in their roles. 


Appreciate and celebrate the balance of strength, sensibility, and perseverance that women possess to successfully manoeuvre the built environment industry. 

To learn about our constitution, download it here. 

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