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AWiCS Virtual Exhibition Booth at BuildTech Asia 2020 Conference

15 October 2020

AWiCS participated in her first ever virtual exhibition at the Buildtech Asia 2020 Conference. The event was co-organised by Sphere Exhibits and the Singapore Institute of Building Limited. The virtual event saw an impressive attendance of over 4000 participants from 59 countries.

We were delighted to have Dr Teo Ho Pin, former Mayor, North West District and former Member of Parliament, Bukit Panjang Constituency, visit our booth and engage with our sub- committee member Ms Lim Kar Er. They discussed on the subject of attracting more women to enter the construction industry. Dr Teo observed the gender disparity in the enrolment figures of the building related courses in local universities, and expressed concern that it seems less favoured by the females.

He suggested that more innovative and flexible working arrangements for women can be explored, to allow them to continue contributing to the Built Environment industry. Dr Teo added that understanding the draw factors for women to work in the Built Environment industry would also give a boost to deriving a more sustainable population of female engineers in the workforce.

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