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Reimagining Education as an Applied Learning University

SIT’s Punggol campus is set to transform Punggol North into a vibrant learning and economic hub.

Our new campus has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the industry and community as part of the Punggol Digital District. This will enable us to deliver a practical, industry-focused education that will prepare our students for the future.

SIT is leading the way in creating an intelligent and sustainable university experience by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things. Our students have the opportunity to work closely with industry partners in our smart laboratory. These partners can take advantage of our living lab, which provides an open innovation ecosystem for testing and piloting their prototypes in a real-life environment.

Campus Zoning

The teams from WOHA Architects and RSP Architects Planners & Engineers are the visionaries behind SIT's centralised campus in Punggol.

The Campus Heart, designed by WOHA as a 'Campus-in-a-Park,' features a forested courtyard surrounded by academic buildings.

The Campus Court, designed by RSP Architects, incorporates green technologies, with two of its buildings certified as Super Low Energy buildings. It faces Coney Island and the Ho Bee Auditorium, and an indoor sports hall will also be located here.

Source: SIT

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