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To realise AWiCS as the distinctive organisation that unites individuals and corporations in the Built Environment Industry in aid of the working women.


We are dedicated to retaining women in the Built Environment workforce, mentoring young adults and integrating people in the different sectors of the Built Environment  industry


Skilled  |  Motivated  |  Articulate  |  Resourceful  |  Transformed


Association of Women in Construction (Singapore)’s humble beginning took place in 2017 at the key anchor event of the Singapore Construction Productivity Week, the 7th BuildTech Asia. Held concurrently alongside BuildTech Asia 2017 was the inaugural edition of SMART Women in Built Environment Conference, the first conference by and for women in Singapore's Built Environment industry.

At the conference, ladies from various sectors and countries in the SEA and Australasia region gathered and discussed:

how do we support and sustain women's participation and development

in this industry traditionally perceived as "not for women"?

 Off the back of the conference, a working group,

lead by the conference Organising Chairman Emily Tan, volunteered to set up the Association of Women in Construction (Singapore) (AWiCS).

Under the guidance and support from our international affiliate National Association of Women in Construction Australia, and adapting to our local context, AWiCS was officially registered on 27th May 2019.


We will continue to learn, grow and evolve to empower women professionals, inspire young adults and create valuable connections.


And now, we would like to invite you, regardless of your sector or gender, to join us on this journey of growth. 

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